4 Ways Tech is Changing the Way We Market

Tech is Changing

As technology evolves, it begins to affect our everyday lives. This is why companies are working hard to keep up with advancements in technology in order to continue reaching their target audience effectively. The way companies market their goods and services has to match the way people integrate technology into their lives in order to effectively connect with their customers and their teams.

Changing the Way We Connect


When talking about how technology changes the marketing business, it’s important to consider the role of communication through technology and peer to peer messaging. But what exactly is peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging and how does it relate to marketing? P2P messaging is a way for a person to quickly send out a text message or SMS to large groups. The difference between a P2P SMS and a regular group-chat is P2P allows the sender to efficiently send mobile messages to the long list of recipients, and the recipients respond privately to the sender in their 2-way message thread. This is a popular method of communication for political campaigns and nonprofits as it’s a great way to make a direct connection with donors and constituents in a way that feels more personal.


P2P SMS sends identical individual mobile messages to a large group of people with just a click of a button. This ease of use in this communication design allows a company’s intern to quickly draft messages or create templates for different use cases, rather than having to draft each individual message for each individual recipient. Marketing messages in P2P networks aren’t considered bulk messages or automated texts, making the SMS mobile messages more personable. Additionally, P2P user interfaces streamline notifications for the sender and retrieve crucial data from mobile users and participants. The interface compiles this data into a central server and offers in-depth encryption to protect users’ data while still maintaining the direct connection between the sender and recipients.

Technology and Design


Advanced technology is being applied to illustration, graphic design, and video content for brand promotion. For creative work ranging from logos, product design, and even animated video content, many companies are adding motion design services to their marketing teams. Omnislash Visual is a motion graphics company whose team of experienced graphic artists can help create an entire visual identity for companies. Their design team features artists that specialize in illustration, typography, motion graphics, live-action video content, and many other types of imagery and graphic elements.


Omnislash Visual’s record of graphic design speaks for itself. Their portfolio includes design services for popular alcohol and makeup brands. They’ve created unique logos, product designs, and commercials for these companies. Their motion graphics video experts have lent their design services to musical artists by creating music videos with their own unique visual identity that reflects that of the artist. Their experiential graphic design team has an entire arsenal of powerful motion graphics design tools that allow them to create a new design for your company that is something no one has ever seen before.

Connecting Across Different Devices


Consumers today are more connected than ever. Social media apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook allow mobile users in a decentralized network to connect with one another across all of their devices. With the increasing number of social media platforms and mobile devices available, companies are now changing their digital marketing techniques in order to optimize their operations. Companies are having to become well-versed in web design, mobile optimization, SEO, and social media campaigns in order to effectively reach consumers on their desktops, phones, and tablets. In order to do this, many older companies are undergoing an entire digital transformation.

Marketing During COVID-19

The way companies are currently choosing to advertise and brand themselves is more important than ever. The shift in technology and marketing during COVID-19 has been hard to ignore. With the economic strain that has come with the pandemic, forming new relationships with customers and maintaining current relationships has become quite the challenge. Companies now are using technology for a data-based approach to advertising, and they are having to be especially careful in branding and language at this time. This data-based approach allows them to find the proper channels for connecting with consumers most efficiently and effectively.

Michelle Webster

Michelle Webster

Michelle Webster is our Austin-based Editor-in-Chief. She has been an editor and writer for many years. She has contributed to a variety of publications from Vogue to Huffington Post. She enjoys watching trashy reality shows and reading about SEO strategies.


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