5 Tech Advancements in the Healthcare Market

Healthcare Market

Healthcare has always been an advanced field in which scientists and technicians work together to create developments for medicine. Thanks to these improvements, you stay healthier. There are plenty of connections between technology and medicine, with new improvements being made every day. Without these fields working together, much of the knowledge we have on the human body would not be possible today.

While medicine and your health are monumentally important to you, there’s a lot you may not understand about how healthcare works. When a new online platform becomes relevant or a fresh prescription is introduced to the marketplace, you may not understand how it all works. However, there are some exciting advancements that you should be aware of in the healthcare market. Let’s take a look at five areas in which the market is advancing and creating better healthcare for your life and for the lives of your loved ones.

1. Wireless Machinery

If you’ve ever been in the hospital or even watched a show that takes place in one, you’re used to the image of individuals lying in a hospital bed with a bunch of wires and IVs hanging from them. These are usually hooked up to systems that are plugged into the wall and constantly need to be connected to electricity. Thanks to tech advancements in the healthcare market, the transfer process is easier than ever. Rather than being connected by wires, more machines and medical equipment are becoming wireless. One of the biggest examples of this is with ultrasound equipment. Vave is a new, untethered ultrasound probe. The images appear directly on your phone and are set to go for the future. As technology changes, these smaller blocks are ready to change right along with it. Wireless machinery like Vave is an exciting, flexible development.

2. Electronic Record Keeping

Healthcare practices also tend to use technology in ways that are similar to other businesses. Most regular businesses have a domain name, IP address, and market watchers. Medical schools and other medical facilities are also investing in larger blocks of IPv4 addresses, which allows for extra security for patient information. An IPv4 auction can offer price information to the highest bidder, who can then get a specific trademark IP address space for all their digital records. This helps medical professionals reach out to patients with an electronic history of their healthcare, instead of trying to keep files and waste paper. Moving to digital platforms is the way to go for doctor and patient convenience.

3. 3D Printing Advancements

Ever since 3D printing entered the scene, there have been plenty of industries taking advantage of this technology. But the medical field is pushing the limits of all the amazing things 3D printing can achieve. Custom designs can allow specialists to create prosthetics for amputees that will fit their exact specifications. There is also research being done to create artificial organs with the help of 3D printing. Technicians have only scratched the surface of what may be possible with these capabilities.

4. Wearable Health Monitors

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know what FitBits or Apple Watches are. These wearable health monitors are the future of tracking your own wellness. By connecting these systems to apps on your phone or even medical portals, you and your doctor can work together to make sure you’re getting your daily exercise and health recommendations.

5. Telehealth

Doctor’s visits can often be a hassle to get to in the middle of your busy life. Thanks to new confidential Telehealth opportunities, you can meet with a doctor remotely through secure web channels. This has helped patients who can’t make it into the office still get quality care from a medical professional and consult their doctors on their own time.

Jeremy McCutcheon

Jeremy McCutcheon

Contributing Writer
Jeremy McCutcheon is contributing writer for e-AMPED. He has also written extensively for other online outlets including Wired and Vox. He also enjoys cooking, reading, playing music, and attempting to set high scores on local pinball machines at local dive bars in Austin.


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