5 Tips for Attorneys on How to Market a Law Practice

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Whether you are opening a new law practice or have been in the industry for decades, marketing is an essential part of your work. You can keep a steady stream of clients in the door with the right marketing strategy. However, it’s easy for a strategy to get stale. By refreshing your marketing techniques and taking a law-centered approach, you may see a spike in client interest.

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, so you will need to pick and choose what works for you. However, the following are some basic law marketing tips to get you started. Since marketing a law firm can be different than marketing other businesses, these simple tips may help take your outreach to the next level.

Blog about your niche

Running a blog on top of your other responsibilities might seem impossible. However, a focused blog can be a powerful SEO strategy. When you write consistent and informative blog posts, you can bring people who are seeking specific legal advice to your website. For example, if you are seeking personal injury lawyer marketing, you can write posts specific to personal injury clients. This is also an opportunity to add relevant keywords and internal links to your site.

Remember that you don’t need to run your blog on your own. Hiring a marketing company or even a team of freelance writers can be effective. You can provide resources about your niche, and they can keep up your blog.

Use local keywords

Local targeting is everything for law firms. You want local clients to know that you exist so you can become their legal go-to. So, if you are a car accident lawyer in Nashville, be sure to make that clear. Include keywords ike “Nashville car accident attorney” and “Nashville lawyer” in your web copy and blog. Ideally, you want to show up in local search results for a variety of keyword terms.

Try traditional advertising

While social media can be beneficial, it may not be as important to law firms as it is for other businesses. Traditional advertising can be a major source of lead generation for lawyers. While it can be expensive, try running ads in local publications or recording radio commercials. Television may also be effective, helping you connect with a wide demographic.

And of course, remember the importance of word-of-mouth advertising. Your clients will recommend you to friends and family if you provided a positive experience. They may also be inclined to write reviews on social media and Google, so be sure to monitor these channels.

Build an email campaign

There are many ways that email marketing can benefit lawyers and their firms. Keep a consistent client list to add to an email campaign. One way to engage your past and present clients is to send free resources through email, adding to the value of working with you. For example, clients might enjoy an exclusive long-form blog post on a niche topic. You can also promote your most recent blog posts or any new services through these emails.

Watch your metrics

As you use various tools like social media and blogging to build brand awareness, keep tabs on your metrics. Note which types of content get the most interactions and shares. Keep track of how many people are opening your emails and how site visitors are behaving. All of these metrics will tell you which marketing channels are benefiting you and which might need some tweaking.

By trying out various strategies and noticing what works, you can build a successful marketing campaign for your firm or practice. However, be sure to be patient. Marketing results seldom show up overnight, so your persistence will be well worth it.


Roman Marx

Roman Marx

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