Enterprise Software Innovations for a Growing Remote Workforce

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2020 has upended many aspects of public and private life, and the workforce is no different. While remote work is currently the norm for many businesses, it’s likely that as the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed across the world, a hybridized model of working at home as well as in the office is going to be more common moving forward. While most companies have a good idea about the way they will continue to function in a more traditional office setting, not all companies have a robust approach to managing their remote workforce.

This can be particularly difficult to implement at the enterprise-level since the larger your company is the more departments, locations, and employees you have to manage. From managing hundreds of users accessing your CRM platform to offering support via a contact center, there are a lot more functions to figure out in a hybridized model than in a traditional office setting. At the same time, with more customers spending time online on social media, customer satisfaction is becoming more and more important. As you work to adapt to a growing remote workforce, read on about two of the top solutions to implement to keep your business running smoothly whether an employee is clocking in at home or in your office.

Leverage the right call center software for your contact center to run smoothly.


Contact centers have evolved to be much more than just a phone number for handling incoming calls or outbound calls. This is because the workflow offered by typical call center software integrates with your existing CRM platform for a highly-personalized experience. Beyond leveraging customer data from your CRM solution, the right call center solution can also provide a better customer experience by using artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically route a caller to the right agent to solve their problem.

Cloud based call center solutions, especially, offer a series of advanced features that make it easier than ever to serve your customers wherever they are. Whether that means using a live chat functionality, social media messengers, email, or SMS, as long as your agents have an internet connection then they can use a cloud contact center solution to handle inbound calls as well as outbound calls.

Invest in the right data science tools to give you the data analytics you need.


Another major component of businesses these days is big data. Being able to access and leverage big data is crucial to making informed decisions, but without the ability to access these data analytics tools from home, you’ll be hard-pressed to stay as productive. That being said, with the right data science tools, you can handle data analytics and get the insights you need remotely or in the office. Embedded analytics, especially, is a crucial component of unifying all of your analytics dashboards into one place for easy access.

When you ask yourself “Why data science?”, the short answer is that in order to successfully run a business with a decentralized staff, you need to have a centralized source of truth when it comes to the data your employees use to do their work. Between embedded analytics and application integration, you can perform the data analysis you need to in order to keep your team productive no matter where they’re working.

It looks like remote work is going to be here to stay for the foreseeable future, so it’s important that your business has a way to meet this challenge head-on. Using cloud-based call center systems and data science tools ensures that wherever your team is based it can still do the work it needs to do to keep deliverables routing on time. With the above systems in mind, you’ll be sure to find the solution you need to maintain your workflow post-pandemic.

Laura Fontaine

Laura Fontaine

Contributing Writer
Laura Fontaine is a Contributing Writer for e-AMPED. Along with being a skilled writer, she is also responsible for overseeing advertising and sponsorship in addition to leading development and business strategies. She is originally from Seattle, but is now based in Austin, Texas.


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