IT Certifications That’ll Help Launch Your Career

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As long as our world relies on technology to power and manage companies' internal systems and processes, IT jobs are going to be in high demand. That said, this industry is also one that is highly competitive, which means you have to outshine many of the other brilliant minds seeking out employment in your field. Having as many advantages as possible will help you advance your career, and the most valuable tools at your disposal are IT certifications that prove your technological capabilities. Whether you plan to develop software, manage existing systems, or tackle software issues, here are some IT certifications that'll help launch your career.


1. CCNA Certification

One of the most valuable certification courses to take if you are considering a future in the IT industry is the CCNA exam. This exam is actually one of the five of the five-level career certifications provided by Cisco, which is designed to test an individual's ability to establish, install, troubleshoot, configure, and operate a routed and switched computer network. This type of test also analyzes how well the recipient can implement and verify connections to a wide area network. If you plan on taking more of these courses or going into one of the seven main career paths often pursued by those who do take these certification exams (design, wireless, voice, service provider, storage networking, routing and switching, and network security), this is one great resource to consider if you are looking to launch your career.

2. PMP Certification

Let's imagine that you are looking for something lighter than the certification described above. Although an IT career will (of course) require you to understand information and the platforms and processes used to manage such information, you can find career paths that may veer away from the most commonly associated positions.

For example, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification assesses your understanding of the language surrounding the process and how to apply such practices. Even a career like the one described above pays well if you manage to stand out from competitors, and you can apply this to a range of projects, whether that be one of your own or something as simple as working for Shopify dropshippers.

3. CEH Certification

The concept of hacking into a criminal's computer can be a thrilling prospect for some. After all, hacking is one of those careers that you often see in movies and television shows but not in real life, right? Fortunately, for those with the right skills and talent, hacking can be a career prospect and one that you can validate with a Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) certification.

Of course, this type of career won't require you to illegally hack into someone else's computer. Instead, the CEH determines how well you can apply common malware and hacking techniques and use them to access the computers of those who are doing the illegal hacking. Rest assured, this practice is legal and can be quite lucrative if you land yourself a position at the right company. You may also apply these skills to other career paths such as cybersecurity.

Although breaking into a highly competitive field can be a challenge, there are plenty of ways that you can hone your skills and prove your talent so that you can improve your chances of finding employment in the future. If you have your heart set on a job within the IT industry but you need more experience and education before you are able to seriously approach companies, consider some of the excellent certification programs listed above to jumpstart your career in the IT field.

Michelle Webster

Michelle Webster

Michelle Webster is our Austin-based Editor-in-Chief. She has been an editor and writer for many years. She has contributed to a variety of publications from Vogue to Huffington Post. She enjoys watching trashy reality shows and reading about SEO strategies.


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