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Modern startups have several digital tools at their disposal that make running a business easier. Entrepreneurs who fail to adopt digital tools will miss out on opportunities for future integration, growth, and success. There’s a digital platform for nearly everything, from communication and collaboration tools to data and asset protection tools. Take a look at some of the digital tools that successful brands use.

Branding Tools


A strong brand identity is built on consistency and is accurately reflected in all aspects of your marketing strategy. It’s not easy to maintain consistent brand identity across all channels. Branding tools are designed to ensure all interactions, messages, pieces of content, and marketing actions accurately reflect your brand.

Your brand is further cemented in your customers’ minds when they interact with your product or service. Developing quality digital products that will excel in the market requires the right talent, which is why all team members at Devsu undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure the perfect fit. Their team members are up to date on the latest technology trends and are capable of leading software development projects of any size or complexity.

Devsu offers digital product and custom software development services through integrated teams, managed teams, and software outsourcing. Clients will enjoy testing and quality assurance, cloud computing and dev ops, AI and data science integrations, digital product and software delivery strategy, and product design. When it comes to custom software solutions and digital product development, Devsu has the expertise, best practices, and processes to improve your product.

Project Management


Project management tools are necessary for businesses that have a remote workforce or engage in cross-team collaboration. When managing several moving parts, you need to track the goals and progress of each project. Project management platforms such as Trello are more efficient than communicating over email. Such platforms give users a clear look at the lifecycle of each project and allow users to track progress from beginning to end.

HR Management Software


You likely won’t have a hiring team to manage job postings, job candidates, and the hiring process, especially if you’re managing a startup or small business. HR management software tools can help you schedule shifts, send company-wide announcements, and keep direct deposit information accurate. Missing the smallest details in the HR process could expose you to business and legal issues. Hiring managers are tasked with finding the best candidates and conducting job interviews. COVID-19 has disrupted the practice of in-person interviews and taken away the personal connection of face-to-face interviews.

Video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts have provided a new way for job seekers and recruiters to interact. GoodTime is a virtual interviewing software platform that enhances the video interview experience. It streamlines the process of searching for top candidates, from screening job applications to scheduling with interviewees on their own time.

The video interview software allows you to create a personalized candidate experience, allows for the automation of scheduling phone screens, and ensures optimized workflow for virtual interviewing. Screening resumes, preparing interview questions, and coordinating live video interviews with applicants is easier when you use a video conferencing software solution.

Social Media Management


Every startup business needs a high-quality, professional website and an active presence on major social media platforms. A major part of developing a strong brand identity is creating engaging content that your target audience interacts with. Be active on social media by responding to comments and feedback and engage on social media pages you follow.

The best way to maintain a consistent presence on social media is to use a social media management tool. A tool such as Hootsuite allows you to monitor all of your feeds, schedule posts, engage and view analytics from a central dashboard. Instead of spending valuable time manually managing your online presence, a social media management tool can do it for you.

Branding, project management, HR management, and social media management tools are just some of the digital tools that successful brands use. The more digital tools your brand utilizes, the easier it will be to maintain market competitiveness.

Jeremy McCutcheon

Jeremy McCutcheon

Contributing Writer
Jeremy McCutcheon is contributing writer for e-AMPED. He has also written extensively for other online outlets including Wired and Vox. He also enjoys cooking, reading, playing music, and attempting to set high scores on local pinball machines at local dive bars in Austin.


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