Top 7 User Testing Tools for 2020

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As more companies take their business online, usability tests are becoming more important, too. Here are the top seven user testing tools for 2020. 


One of the top remote user testing software platforms available to businesses is PlaybookUX. More than just a platform for collecting bugs and usability issues, PlaybookUX offers developers a host of benefits when it comes to conducting and collecting actual research on your website or mobile experience. From conducting one-on-one interviews to real-time screen and audio recording features, PlaybookUX gives you total control over how you learn about your software from the real users testing it. Best of all, you have a broad range of applications with PlaybookUX, including the ability to gather feedback about a prototype, website design, or even the pricing of your services.

Similar to PlaybookUX, also offers you insights about your website from real people. While PlaybookUX is a broader and more featured user testing solution, is a bit more focused on customer-centric experiences. For that reason, it’s predominantly used by worldwide retailers. Even so, the ability to see and hear what a user is thinking and doing as they use your site is quite helpful.


One of the most popular features of Hotjar is its ability to overlay heat maps on your website. This can help you understand how users are using your website and what areas they seem to look at for certain information. If you’re interested in optimizing your shopping or search experience, Hotjar can be a great visual way to better understand dozens of instances of user behavior.


UserZoom excels in giving you a full picture of a user’s experience on your web platform. Its platform has dozens of features that are similar to the rest of the solutions on the list, including online surveys and think out loud testing. When you need to streamline your onboarding interface or just gain general insights to inform your user strategy, UserZoom can help you collect and quantify data quickly.


While many of the user testing tools on this list are focused on broad, powerful functionality, OptimalSort takes a different approach to collect feedback from users. That’s because OptimalSort is predominantly focused on determining how users think your content should be organized hierarchically. By letting testers sort cards, you can collect information to inform your menu structure and other key organizational aspects of your digital platform. This helps you ensure that your menus are structured logically and customers can easily find what they’re looking for on your website.


Targeted specifically at companies that develop Software-as-a-Service programs, Qualaroo is focused as much on analysis as it is with collecting user feedback. That’s because Qualaroo has the distinction of powering its analytics with Sentiment Analysis. Powered by IBM’s Watson (of Jeopardy fame), Sentiment Analysis helps categorize users’ feelings on a spectrum of emotions, including anger, joy, and even fear. This helps you see the human side of the data you’re collecting immediately so that you can focus on improving the situation.


Optimizely is a platform that allows you to conduct A/B testing on your website using a suite of tools. From product marketing to engineering, Optimizely offers your business options when it comes to ideation, experimentation, and implementation. After you’ve progressed through those three steps, you can easily compare the results and then repeat your campaign or tweak as needed. Whether you’re wondering how to address cart abandonment or how to streamline the mobile checkout process, Optimizely can help you make a difference in your business’ approach using data-driven insights.

Suzie Desimone

Suzie Desimone

Business Editor
Suzie Desimone joined e-AMPED as Business Editor in 2020. She is the New York–based editor, and prior to joining e-AMPED, she was a content strategist at Vox. She is also a co-founder of educational workshops for aspiring IT and SEO specialists, and teaches a popular digital marketing course at NYU.


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