Top NYC Experiences That a Manhattan College Student Can Have

Top NYC Experiences

As a college student in Manhattan, you have nearly endless possibilities at your fingertips. You can experience the culture, art, sports, activism, opportunities for good health, and so much more. New York City is a collective mix of people, cultures, languages, and food. 

One of the things New York is known for is hosting some of the greatest plays and musicals ever to be performed. Broadway musicals are the gold standard of on-stage productions. If a performance makes it to Broadway, you are guaranteed to see a good show.

Although attending a Broadway musical can be expensive, it is an experience that cannot be replicated and should be experienced by every Manhattan college student at least once. There are plenty of opportunities to get Dear Evan Hansen tickets or tickets to any of the many Broadway plays that go on throughout the year. Each musical is shown for several weeks, if not months, giving students plenty of opportunities to attend a show.

New York provides numerous sightseeing opportunities giving all students a chance to be local tourists, whether they are from New York City or just there for school. They can spend their weekends going to the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square. There are many iconic stores located within Time Square that students can wonder about the experience.

 With the many unique neighborhoods and nationalities that co-exist in New York City, there are always festivals, events, and entertainment that are free or very low cost. Students can make a point of expanding their cultural understanding while in New York by focusing on attending cultural and educational events.

New York City is bountiful with art museums, displays, shows, as well as free art public art. Regardless of the style of art you most enjoy, you can find it in New York. You can also take advantage of where you are by exploring new and different forms of art. You can expand your knowledge and understanding of art and art history.

There are multiple professional sports teams in New York that you can enjoy. There are also nearly endless opportunities to participate in different sports, which provides the perfect opportunity to meet new people while staying in shape. New York City is a sports-minded city.

New York City also provides endless opportunities to explore and experiment with a healthier lifestyle. From jogging, walking, or doing yoga in Central Park to exploring healthier food options, New York City can accommodate nearly any diet and fitness interest. Then sure act of walking everywhere you go can help anyone avoid the freshman fifteen.

For many college students, mental health needs to be a focus. There are too many stressors in life for young adults not to learn how to manage their emotions and address difficult situations. You can easily find a psychiatrist in Manhattan to deal with your immediate mental health needs as a college student, but also your ongoing needs and worries as a young adult with a variety of issues.

Mental health issues were still highly taboo, even in recent history. However, a nationwide advocacy push has allowed more people to feel open to talk about their mental health struggles and to seek the help they need without shame. There are also more resources available to those struggling with mental health issues. In addition to traditional counseling, there are support groups, alternative approaches, including meditation, yoga, and reiki. There is also an increased understanding of self-care and what that means giving students the tools they need to care for themselves when away from home properly.

Suzie Desimone

Suzie Desimone

Business Editor
Suzie Desimone joined e-AMPED as Business Editor in 2020. She is the New York–based editor, and prior to joining e-AMPED, she was a content strategist at Vox. She is also a co-founder of educational workshops for aspiring IT and SEO specialists, and teaches a popular digital marketing course at NYU.


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