3 Quick Ways to Promote Your Business During the Holidays

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The opportunities to increase your business revenue are approaching just as quickly as the holidays. As we draw nearer to a slew of fall and winter festivities, consider increasing your marketing and promotions. While many view this season as a time to cut costs and save big, the long-term benefits of extra promotional work are bountiful. Promoting your business during the holiday chaos may seem like added stress, but there are plenty of simple implementations to get the job done. Here are three quick ways to boost your business during the holiday season.

Marketing is everything

Having a powerful sales team is a given, but it’s strong marketing that sets your company apart. Think back to your time in school. When it came time to learn new information, did you tend to retain what was handed to you or presented creatively? Marketing strategies are the most efficient and effective way to present your products to the consumer. You’re more likely to gain new clients with creative strategies than basic sales pitches.

Modern marketing is far more cost-effective than sales of earlier years. With access to social media and online presence, it’s easier than ever to put your name into the public eye. Having a balance of online and tangible outreach with clients is key. Creating social media accounts while still promoting your company face-to-face reaches multiple generations of clients. For events, meetings, and outreach programs be sure to have custom marketing tools. Some of the most effective products are custom folders, pens, and other tangible items. These products can be purchased through companies like Mines Press and are essentially mobile billboards to keep your company name present in the consumer’s daily life.

 Engage the public

Promoting your business is a two-fold process. To best achieve this feat, you need to both create new clientele and maintain established client relationships. Hosting events at your company for current customers and their guests show appreciation for their business. A successful promotional event can range from a family pancake breakfast to a black-tie holiday gala. The theme and budget of this promotion will depend on the size and revenue of your company, but the end-goal is the same.

Many successful businesses offer public tours of their facilities. Consumers are more inclined to purchase a product or support a business when they know what goes on behind the scenes. If you create products or manufacture machinery, offering a tour of your production shows customers how their favorite items are made. This idea of inclusion from the early stages of production engages your clientele and equips them with the information to spread the word about your products. If you currently offer these services, try incorporating fun holiday themes for a limited time to boost attendance. Something as simple as hanging Christmas lights outdoor decorations with various themed décor both inside and out can make a typical workspace magical.

 Boost your team

Success is determined both externally and internally. While new clients and increased business are both important, neither are possible without a stellar staff. Too often, companies get stuck in a series of monotonous continuity. If routines and schedules become mundane and repetitive, morale can slowly decrease. Boost your current staff with incentives, appreciation, and support.

Work with your marketing team to create inner-office competitions that engage both sales and clients. Include your clientele in the rewards so that both your employees and your customers benefit from increased sales. Prizes can be as simple as extra vacation days and next-purchase discounts for the salesperson and client with the highest customer service reports of the year. A little healthy competition boosts productivity and client relations.

Whatever method of marketing you choose to engage this holiday season, be sure to have fun in doing so. When you enjoy the business that you do, the joy spreads to those around you.

Roman Marx

Roman Marx

Staff Writer
Austin–based Staff Writer at e-AMPED, Roman Marx is responsible for running the site’s daily tech news flow, in addition to crafting larger editorial pieces and covering special tech events. She graduated from Boston College before moving on to freelancing for several online tech publications, before landing at e-AMPED.


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