5 Things You Should Do Before Hiring Company Contractors

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Hiring a company contractor to work on your home can be an effort in trial and error. After all, you want to get the best value for the work but you don’t want to be stuck with shoddy craftsmanship either.

Whether you’re rehauling your entire house or performing a simple project, hiring a contractor is the best way to ensure a DIY project doesn’t flop. The next time you’re looking for a company contractor to get the job done right, rely on these five tips to get the best of the best.

Compare countless companies

The first step to hiring a great contractor is finding a reputable option. More often than not, a contractor company will have plenty of information online, including their website, social media handles, and client reviews. Once you have this information, don’t hesitate to compare their statistics and information to similar companies.

You should get written estimates from at least three different companies before making your final decision. That way, you can receive a fair price on the scope of work. With these estimates, you will also be able to compare building materials, cost of labor, and the length of time that the project will take. Depending on your living situation, a more expensive option might be the best choice if they can promise to get it done quickly.

Do a deep-dive into the company

The next step is to determine if the company is legitimate. There are many painting and roofing companies that look official online, but many don’t have the necessary license to complete the job. That’s why you should always opt for roofing companies Raleigh NC trusts. Local options are almost always properly licensed to work in that area. It also means that they know the necessary coding laws for the city in which the work is being done.

But performing a deep-dive means more than just checking licenses. To truly vet a good company, you’ll need to run their information through search services, including reverse white pages look-up sites. After all, you never know when a company has hired criminals to work on their team. While every non-violent offender deserves a second chance in the workplace, a federal prison inmate search can reveal information that you may find important. A background check like this is vital when it comes to protecting your property.

Establish job specifications

It doesn’t matter if you’re renovating your entire house or working on a project in the kitchen. It’s always necessary to go over the specifics of the project with your company contractor. This includes any fixtures, finishes, or appliances needed to complete the job to your exact tastes. There’s nothing worse than paying for an expensive project only to find that it was painted in the wrong color.

Of course, this conversation will vary depending on how communicative your company contractor will be. Always choose the option that will keep lines of communication open. This will help ensure that you get the best results on your project.

Establish a contract

These aforementioned issues will be a breeze so long as you establish a valid contract with your company contractor. If you’re not used to crafting deals yourself, you can always rely on the experience of a lawyer to help you out. Watch out for any fine print that shirks blame away from the company in fine print. You should also be sure that the company provides insurance to their workers to avoid any liability issues on your end.

Talk over the payment schedule

Many people assume that contractor jobs go the same way: One deposit now and the rest when the job is complete. Depending on the contractor, this is subject to change. Some options even offer multiple choices for the convenience of the homeowner. Talk this over with your contractor to ensure you invest in an option that works for you.

These are just some of the things you should do before you hire a contractor to renovate your home. Watch out for scammers, and above all else, be sure to research the company you hire.


Michelle Webster

Michelle Webster

Michelle Webster is our Austin-based Editor-in-Chief. She has been an editor and writer for many years. She has contributed to a variety of publications from Vogue to Huffington Post. She enjoys watching trashy reality shows and reading about SEO strategies.


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