Here’s How Going Digital Can Help Your Business

Help Your Business

You don’t need to be an e-commerce store to benefit from going digital. In fact, businesses both large and small can get great advantages from incorporating more technology, and roughly 89% of organizations have developed a plan to make digital expansion a top priority.

Digital transformation is the primary force of change sweeping through modern businesses. Digital transformations change the way companies operate and how they serve their customers. Despite the mostly accepted importance of digital transformations, however, a surprising number of companies still have difficulty with the concept. Even giant companies have failed to make the transition. It’s important to recognize what changes will benefit your company the most and work across departments to enact the changes together. Here are just a few minor digital tweaks that can improve your business.

Data-Driven Insights

One of the best ways you can use technology to improve your business is through advanced analytics software. Your marketing team likely spends a great deal of time researching your target market, analyzing competitors, and collecting survey results. Thorough market research isn’t cheap, either, and time and budget constraints are what keep most companies from getting the most out of their research efforts.

With a reliable marketing information system (MIS), you can ensure that your information is accurate. These systems give you access to multiple databases of information that can be condensed into simplified charts and graphs or expanded into complex research reports. Your marketing team can easily organize the most relevant data and put it to use, so you know facts are backing your decisions rather than intuition.

Customer Service Call Center Solutions

Your call center is one of the most important aspects of your overall customer experience. It’s the chief point of contact that customers and potential leads will have with your company, so you need to offer the best experience possible. This means making things convenient for customers through intelligent routing technology.

Whether you’re using multichannel or omnichannel routing, your customers will be able to contact your agents using their preferred method (call, email, SMS, etc.). Callers with simple questions can be assisted by bots while those with more complex calls can be transferred to the most qualified agent for the job. This dramatically reduces wait times, provides a personalized experience for each customer, and gets customers toward call resolution as efficiently as possible.

Lead Contact and Evaluation

Of course, going digital isn’t all about your customer service; you’ll also want to improve the ways you contact leads and make sales. Voice drop technology from is a fantastic tool for your sales team. This technology lets your sales agents leave messages directly on a recipient’s voicemail server, bypassing the calling process completely. They can even leave prerecorded messages with a single click instead of having to read a script for each call, which saves a great deal of time.

This technology also benefits recipients. Many people consider voice drops to be much more convenient than calls since they can just listen to the message at their leisure instead of having to stop what they’re doing to take a call. Just be aware of your state’s stance on whether voice drops count as “robocalls,” and honor the do-not-call list.

Speaking of sales leads, you can even use digital services like to evaluate other companies that you’re thinking of going into business with. This service provides information on the public record, such as arrest records, aliases, address records, etc. Reputations matter and they can rub off on your business, so it never hurts to have as much information as possible.

Suzie Desimone

Suzie Desimone

Business Editor
Suzie Desimone joined e-AMPED as Business Editor in 2020. She is the New York–based editor, and prior to joining e-AMPED, she was a content strategist at Vox. She is also a co-founder of educational workshops for aspiring IT and SEO specialists, and teaches a popular digital marketing course at NYU.


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