How to Build a Successful Online Store in 2019

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Some of the most successful eCommerce stores have found the sweet spot between supply and demand. These companies leverage their best features by optimizing their online marketing and cloud-based management strategies. 

Online stores can ramp up easily with the right strategic partners on board. Brands can also open online versions of their brick and mortar stores, to ensure that there is a fresh lifeline of customers who can browse an unlimited inventory.

Many shops also test out new designs, styles, and products online before stocking them up for their next release. This helps businesses to get a clue early about what the demand will be for specific products. Here are some foolproof ideas for building a successful store in 2019: 

Develop a Unique Brand

The first way to leverage your online shop is to highlight something unique about yourself in an aesthetic and brand. Focus on your selling point, whether it be your services offered, your company’s mission, or even your catchy name. 

It’s important that any customer can identify the nature of your brand as they scroll through your page. An example of an effective brand is Makersnutrition, which uses its site to focus on the benefits of their supplement and dietary products. In addition to the practical use of the Makersnutrition brand on health, the company utilizes an inspirational web experience for the fitness industry. 

There are also strategies to focus your brand towards greater conversions. Through retargeting, email promotions, and digital advertising, you can extend your brand to new customers at scale. You can also work with the top agencies in your local area to help you develop your content and SEO marketing strategy.

Incorporate End-to-End Encryption

When it comes to customer data, it’s important to opt for SSL encryption. When customers see the little green lock next to an HTTPS (secure) web URL, you’re able to generate greater trust within the domain. Automated shop builders, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, give you the tools to get SSL certified by yourself. They may even choose to offer these services to you for a fee.

You can also focus on additional security measures, such as pen-testing, and database strengthening, to ensure that no one can access your customer data. It’s also important to schedule comprehensive employee training to ensure that no employee leaks sensitive information.

Offer Multiple Payment Channels and Methods

Payment methods are critical to adapt, especially when you have international shipping enabled. You can also work with a direct conversion plugin, that can automatically do the heavy lifting for you. It’s important to remain compliant with international laws, especially when it comes to PCI regulations for certain countries. Online shops that last the longest have figured out how to collect payment in multiple forms across the world.

Focus On Scale and Monitor Feature Upgrades

A scalable web and mobile strategy focuses on streamlining the shopper experience for all customers. Since buyers may be eager to shop on the go, a comprehensive mobile site and app should be the best approach. 

Additionally, it’s critical to have complete control over upgrades that are being introduced into the app/mobile experience. Founders can engage with the top solution providers in the domain so that they can monitor every release of new features they’d like to add. 

These platforms allow store owners to test the performance of each feature added while flagging future upgrades for further development. They also offer instant degradation checks, to offer insights on what features are helping/harming the overall user experience. 

Supercharge Your Acquisition With Referral Programs

Referral programs are great for attracting new customers to your shop, especially if you’re just starting out and you have a unique offering. You can instantly activate your customer base by offering the right referral program at the right time. Referral programs also work wonders for customer retention. If you incentivize word of mouth, your loyal customers will be happy.

Referral programs can help in developing a coherent customer acquisition strategy that can be easily tracked from start to end. You can map out the journey of the customer and even find the most engaged customer base during limited releases and special offers.

Roman Marx

Roman Marx

Staff Writer
Austin–based Staff Writer at e-AMPED, Roman Marx is responsible for running the site’s daily tech news flow, in addition to crafting larger editorial pieces and covering special tech events. She graduated from Boston College before moving on to freelancing for several online tech publications, before landing at e-AMPED.


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