How To Get Into an IT Program

IT Program

Information technology (IT) is all about the use of computer technology to handle data and information. When it comes to computer-based systems, IT professionals are responsible for supporting several aspects. This includes the hardware, software, maintenance, development, and infrastructure. If you work in IT and you’re looking to advance your career, then you may want to consider enrolling in a master’s program. Learn more about how to get into an IT program below.

Evaluate the career paths for working in IT.


Do you enjoy working in the field of information technology? Do you see yourself wanting to advance your career through education? Will you need financial aid? How can you accommodate schooling into your schedule? These are just some of the questions you may want to think about before you start the process of searching for a master’s program. Going to school is a huge commitment, and getting a master’s degree requires a lot of work. Most people spend one or two years completing their degree. So, you’ll want to think about the answers to all of these questions before you even move forward.

Search for IT master’s programs.

If you’ve already completed your bachelor’s degree in information technology, then you’re likely in search of an MS IT program. Perhaps you’re already working in the industry and you want to explore managerial roles within your field. The University of Cincinnati offers an MS IT Management program that might just be the perfect way for you to work on your professional development. A master’s degree will improve your career trajectory by giving you more business knowledge and opening up more opportunities for you to pursue leadership roles. The program at the University of Cincinnati allows you to build your own personal curriculum so that you can choose coursework and IT subjects that matter most to your career path. The program they offer is completely online and goes over all of the business fundamentals. You’ll learn about data-driven cyber security, machine learning, game design and development, user experience design, and infrastructure. The UC online degree program will give you the tools you need to accomplish your career goals. The school even offers bridge courses for those who are looking to jump into the master’s program without a bachelor’s degree in IT. The program requires a total of 30 credit hours, and you can complete it online in less than two years.

Check the requirements and program details.


In order to get into the program, you’ll need to look over the requirements. If you already have work experience and a relevant background in IT, then you’ll have no issues with meeting the requirements. Typically, you’ll find that the school will need your official transcripts, a copy of your degree, your resume, references, a specific GPA, a GRE waiver, and a personal statement on your educational goals. Applications do involve a fee. And if you’re an international student, you may have other requirements to fulfill.

Start the application process and jump-start your career.

Once you’re ready to take the next steps, you can refer to college counselling websites to refine your application. Then, contact an Enrollment Services Advisor for any questions you may have about enrolling in the program. You’ll find that the application process for an online program is typically very concise and seamless.

Getting a master’s degree in your field gives you a competitive edge in your industry. Start accomplishing your professional goals and advance your career through higher education. Find out more about the University of Cincinnati’s MS IT program and start pursuing higher roles within your field. Jump-start your career and start the application process today.

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