How Unknown Candidates Have Taken Advantage of Technology To Win

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Whether you’re reconnecting and staying in touch with friends and family or staying updated on news, social media, email marketing campaigns, and technology have become invaluable tools for many people in both business and pleasure. For unknown or new political candidates, technology has also become a key for running successful political campaigns and getting important messages out to potential constituents. More and more, unknown candidates are taking advantage of technology and seeing results and you can do the same.

If you’re considering running for local office and are new to politics, you can use social media and technology as a cornerstone of your campaign as well.

Email Marketing


One great way to get a campaign message out is through email marketing on a simple, user-friendly platform like Mailchimp. Something as simple as an email newsletter built off an email list can be key for a successful grassroots campaign. With the right landing page and a massive contact list, many successful candidates have used email campaigning tools for spreading their political messages and beliefs.

Email campaigns are simple managed and provide invaluable analytics regarding a candidate’s ability to discern their contacts’ interests and beliefs. Whether you’re monitoring open rates or setting automated calls to action that include asks for campaign donations, email campaigns are one of the most effective tools out there. Many successful candidates have used drip campaigns, email automation, and even email templates as a way of saving money and giving their platforms a professional touch.

While the best email marketing tools aren’t cheap, they do mean marketing automation, in that campaigns can be set up in a dashboard with an autoresponder that does most of the follow-up work automatically. More manageable than a standard platform like WordPress, it might be why more and more candidates are using email marketing more often.

Social Media


Maybe you’re a new candidate who doesn’t have huge marketing lists or email addresses. The great news is that your campaign needn’t rely solely on drop email builders and email marketing platforms. Instead, there’s always the option of using social media as a way of starting your campaign from the ground up. Social platforms can sell everything, whether it’s pencil skirts or plants, and helps people build brands from scratch. The power of social media is huge.

Start where you’re most comfortable and already have a presence. Consider platforms you’re already on and begin working on connecting with others there. Many successful rookie politicians have found that a great way of tackling networking and increasing marketing efforts has simply been through joining Facebook and other social platforms. The same way an influencer uses Instagram and Twitter for advertising sponsorships, you can use these platforms for finding voters and selling your campaign message.

Websites and Landing Pages


Many successful politicians have used the internet and technology for web pages and customized content aimed at spreading the word about their platforms. Whether it’s websites with push notifications tied to Facebook messenger or automated welcome emails, these savvy newbies have effectively connected with potential constituents through SEO optimization on their websites. With automation tools, some have even built in automatic visitor-optional SMS message features, too.

The same way small business owners use websites and next level web builders for connecting with customers, successful politicians are harnessing the power of technology as a way of connecting with voters. More and more unknown candidates are taking advantage of technology with the objective of winning races they might otherwise not have had a chance at. Whether it’s grassroots social media campaigns or easy marketing, these candidates are making the most of what technology offers.

Laura Fontaine

Laura Fontaine

Contributing Writer
Laura Fontaine is a Contributing Writer for e-AMPED. Along with being a skilled writer, she is also responsible for overseeing advertising and sponsorship in addition to leading development and business strategies. She is originally from Seattle, but is now based in Austin, Texas.


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