Safety Tips for Filming Inside Your Restaurant

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There are many reasons you may plan to film inside your restaurant. You may want to create a commercial you can use to promote your business. You may also plan to create video footage used to train new employees.

Filming a commercial or feature video may not sound dangerous, but actors and crew members can be injured or killed if you don’t have professionals following appropriate safety protocols. You can ensure everyone’s safety while filming by using the tips outlined here.

Restaurant Equipment


The actors and film crew may use your equipment when filming, which is why you should invest in the best equipment before filming. Perhaps you need new equipment. Review each refrigerator and commercial freezer for sale to ensure they meet your restaurant’s needs and fit the space available. Commercial refrigerator options include under-counter, merchandiser, and countertop refrigerators. You can choose between chest freezers, upright freezers, and glass-door freezers.

Other kitchen equipment you might need includes dishwashers, prep tables, ice machines, deep fryers, mixers, and equipment stands. Some restaurant equipment retailers like The Restaurant Warehouse offer direct financing, enabling you to buy or lease the equipment you need for your establishment. When filming your restaurant, you don’t want refrigerator or freezer doors sticking. You also want your kitchen to look its best, and investing in new equipment can improve how your kitchen looks and functions.

Video Production Experts


Video production experts can help with every step involved in producing a film. Hiring a production company gives you access to experienced storytellers who can create a compelling story for promotional videos, product videos, and corporate videos. Once they have a working script, they can identify appropriate locations to film and how many actors and crew members they’ll need on set.

Your production team can supply camera operators, gaffers, and other professionals who assist on set. When you hire a corporate videographer to oversee production, you can also be confident they’ll supply essential equipment such as cameras, lights, and microphones. The videographer identifies your objectives and tailors every step of the production to your goals, ensuring you receive a professional video.

Your video production company can also edit your video and help with video distribution. You won’t have to worry about researching the film industry, figuring out how many crew members you need to film scenes, or learning how to edit video footage. Instead, you can relax and let professional filmmakers handle all the technical details.

Professionals and Resources


Whether you’re planning to create a training video or film a commercial, hire professional actors. Actors have experience learning roles and memorizing lines, ensuring they can deliver the content needed for the film. Actors also spend time rehearsing scenes, which can prevent mistakes. Since mistakes can cause injuries, rehearsing scenes helps increase safety.

You should also hire medical professionals who stay on set during production and respond to medical emergencies. You may hire a licensed medical doctor or nurse practitioner to evaluate patients. You should also ensure you have staff who can perform CPR and provide medical care for minor injuries. Your medical team should know where the nearest hospitals are and have a transportation plan in place to ensure anyone injured can be taken to the hospital promptly if necessary.

Keep appropriate safety equipment on set when filming. Ensure you have fire extinguishers and first aid kits available. You should also ensure the crew doesn’t block entrances and exits so you can evacuate the restaurant if necessary.

You may need to comply with local COVID-19 guidelines when filming. This could include having the cast and crew take daily COVID-19 tests. The crew may need to wear masks, and cast members may need to wear masks when not filming.

Having the best equipment and working with professionals can prevent accidents when filming in your restaurant. You should also have medical personnel and safety equipment on set to ensure you can respond appropriately if safety issues arise.

Jarrod Smithson

Jarrod Smithson

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